The Legend of the Amethyst Pegasus,

the Plus Size Boy with Bounce,

the Toxic, Bye Bye Bye, I want It That Way Emperor,

Regent Emperor 44

Jon "Crunchy" Crenshaw

The Radiance of the Crystal,

the Original Party Girl,

the Disco Diva Empress,

Empress 44

Rosa Marie Sugarbaker

The Artic White Lion of Compassion, Love & Dedication,

Prince Royale 44

Drew Juarez

The Star Gazing Teal Princess of Tranquility, Heart & Soul

Princess Royale 44

Star Kirkland

Line of Succession

Scotti Carlyle - Supreme Queen Mother for Life


Michael Vrooman - King Father

Janelle St. Christopher - Queen Mother


Allen Haskett - Godfather

Lushus LaRell - Godmother


Karl Wesley - Grand Duke

Vida LeCher - Grand Duchess


Casey LeCher - Czar

Lala Shearz - Czarina


Obi Sparkles - Marquis

Jessica LaWhore - Marquessa


Sammy Big D - Don

Sophia More - Reina


Ladycat De'Ore - Baron

Tammy Brunette - Baroness


Steven LeCher - Count

Betty Sparkles But'zin - Countess


Reign Info

Colors: Red, Yellow, Purple, Black & Silver

About Us

Established in 1973, we are the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations in the state of Colorado. Many of the major cities in the Western United States and Canada have a Court System in their community.

We are a chapter in The  International Court System.


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