The Legend of the Arctic Lion, The Arctic Blue Sapphire Heart Emperor of Strength Courage and Determination

Emperor 47

Andrew Juarez Benedict-Skywalker

The Authenticity of the Crystal, The Galactic Teal Empress of Strength, Compassion and Serenity

Empress 47

Star Kirkland

The Purple Panda with a passion for Love, Laughter and Strength

Prince Royale 47

Freddy Mendoza

The Ultraviolet Phoenix Princess of

Vitality, Passion and Perseverance

Princess Royale 47

Anna Rexik

Emperor's Line of Succession

  • Entertainer to the Emperor- Jio   
  • Mafia Father- Prince Royale 43- Bryan Lowe
  • God Father- Emperor 37- Fred Valdez
  • King Father- Emperor 43-Manny Sexton
  • Countess 47 to the Emperor- Tammy Burnette
  • Baron 47 to the Emperor- Roger Cornejo
  • Don 47 to the Emperor- Joey Miranda
  • Marquis 47 to the Emperor- Kaptain Inherpants
  • Czar 47 to the Emperor- Dustin Schlong
  • Grand Duke to the Emperor- Onyx Steele


Empress' Line of Succession

  • Entertainer to the Reign- Denver Cycle Sluts
  • Entertainer to the Empress- Dragutante
  • Mafia Mother- Princess Royale 45- Sophia More
  • God Mother- Empress 42- Gabriella Butzin
  • Queen Mother- Emperor 33- Michael Vrooman
  • Dowager Queen Mother for Life- Scotti Carlyle
  • Count 47 to the Empress- J Estvez
  • Baroness 47 to the Empress- Sable Lamar
  • Reina 47 to the Empress- Alanna Filipina
  • Marquex 47 to the Empress- Lightening-Narcotix-Cat
  • Czar 47 to the Empress- Matt Romero
  • Grand Duchess to the Empress- Sabrina McKay

The Legendary Crystal Court of Strength, Laughter, Inspiration, Community and Change     (S.L.I.C.C)

Colors: Teal, Blue, Silver and Black

About Us

ICRME was established in 1973 and we are the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organization in the state of Colorado.   Anyone can become a member and we welcome everyone from all walks of life.   JOIN US TODAY and become a member!


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