Emperor 48



Empress 48

Cierra Mota LeCher


Prince Royale 48

Roger Conejo


Princess Royale 48

Lani LeCher

Emperor's Imperial Family

Title Stage Name  Preferred Pronouns 
Emperor XLVIII Jio  He/Him/His
Prince Royale XLVIII Roger Conejo He
King Father  Johnny Romero  He/Him/His
Grand Duke Goliath Steel  He/Him/His
Czar Matt Romero He
Marquis Cubby  He/Him
Don Aries Alexzander  He/Him/His
Barron  Jay He/Him
Count  Cosmo He/Him
Lord  Martin Mercer He/Him


Empress' Imperial Family

Title Stage Name  Preferred Pronouns 
Empress XLVIII Cierra Mota LeCher She/Her/Hers
Princess Royale XLVIII Lani LeCher She/Her/Hers
Queen Mother XLVIII Alexander Sexton He/Her/Honeyz
Grand Dutchess XLVIII Alanna Filipina She/Her/Hers
Czarina XLVIII Camila Kameleon Spanic She/Her/Hers
Marquex XLVIII Jacob Sparkles LeCher He/Him/Theirs
Reina XLVIII Jacklyn Hyde She/Her/Hers
Baroness XLVIII Lexi She/Her/Hers
Countex XLVIII Vidalia Villanova She/Her/Hers
Lady XLVIII Kay Hausensues She/Her/Hers
God Mother XLVIII Jackie O. Nasis  She/Her/Hers

Colors:  Purple and Silver

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