College Of Cardinals

Each Reign gives out (4) four Lifetime titles.  (2) two titles are awarded to the current Prince and Princess for fulfilling their year and the other (2) two, each Monarch respectively, at the end of their reign, will award a permanent title to an individual who has been an exceptional help to the Monarch.






King Father I, Lee Zittle
Queen Mother I, Lola


King Father II, Ron Heath
Queen Mother II, Pearl Devere (Deceased)


King Father III, Gary Allsup (Deceased)
Queen Mother III, Nina Montaldo


King Father IV, Roger Dent  (Deceased)


King Father V, Dave "Boom Boom" Lorette (Deceased)


King Father for Life - John Schlegel (Deceased)
Dowager Queen Mother for Life - Scottie Carlyle



Reign I
Prince Royale I, Rick Chamberland
Princess Royale I, Lola
Mother of the Realm, Mother Procopio
Dowager Queen of Denver, Doc Terry


Reign II
Prince Royale II, Ken McDonald 
Princess Royale II , Billie Casandra (Deceased)
Guardian Angel of the Court for Life, Vivian Solomon


Reign III
Prince Royale III, Mark Bovay (Deceased)
Princess Royale III, Causha Lee Victoria (Deceased)
First Imperial Princess to all Emperors for Life, Linda Rose


NOTE: Sometime before Reign IV
Court Astrologer for Life, Stan Phelps
Baroness for Life, Lee Sommers (Deceased)


Reign IV
Prince Royale IV, Lee Bacus (Deceased)
Princess Royale IV, Christi Layne
Knight of the Realm for Life, David "Boom Boom" Lorette (Deceased)
Crown Princess for Life to His Imperial Majesty, Deanna Anderson


Reign V
Prince Royale V, Patrick Weisenberger (Deceased)
Princess Royale V, Sherry Mendelsberg
First Imperial Prince of Love by Appointment of the Five Star Amazon Court 

Vaden Stanley (Deceased)
First Imperial Princess to all Emperors for Life & Imperial Advisor to All Empresses for Life, Linda Rose


Reign VI
Prince Royale VI, Ray Allen
Princess Royale VI, Tammy Lynn Noel
Prince of the Realm, Baron for Life, Rick Linnane
High Priestess to the Court for Life, Lud "Buddy" Villani (Deceased)


Reign VII
Prince Royale VII, Kenneth Morise (Deceased)
Princess Royale VII, Nina Montaldo
Imperial &Final Protector and Consort to Emperor 7, Spectrum of Love Governed by Burgundy, The Goddess of Love - Isis for Life, Scottie Carlyle


Reign VIII
Prince Royale VIII, Hal Reiderman
Princess Royale VIII, Janelle Nieman
Empress of Empresses, Missy (Deceased)
Imperial Butterfly Princess for Life, Brandy Dennison (Deceased)


Reign IX
Prince Royale IX, Steve Anger
Princess Royale IX, Jaye Sutherland
Keeper of Love and Laughter for Life, Bublz LaRue
First Imperial Princess of Love to All Empresses for Life by Order of the 9th Cameo Empress, Vaden Andress, Sandra Graves


Reign X
Prince Royale X, Carl Hudnall
Grand Duke to Emperor X for Life, Bill Hall
Diamond Butterfly Princess to Empress X for Life, Geri Drieling


Reign XI
Prince Royale XI, Deno Anderson (Deceased)
Princess Royale XI, Chenelle Austin
Lord High Chamberlain for Life, Gale Whittington
Lord High Baron to All Emperors for Life, Bill Richards


Reign XII
Prince Royale XII, Fred Valdez
Princess Royale XII, Mona Del Rey
Sir Vince, Knight of the Realm for Life to All Emperors, Vince Kline
Imperial Countess of Love, Ashley Novak


Reign XIII
Prince Royale XIII, Vince Kline
Princess Royale XIII, Roxie Lamonde
Imperial Prince of Hearts for Life, Reggie Grove
Imperial Grand Dame for Life, Brandi Roberts


Reign XIV
Prince Royale XIV, Joe Sequenzia (Deceased)
Princess Royale XIV, Raye Bobian
Imperial Prime Minister for Life, Gary Allsupp (Deceased)
Father of the Realm, Keeper of the Imperial Palace for Life, Bob Engel


Reign XV
Prince Royale XV, Michael West (Deceased)
Princess Royale XV, Brittany Michaels
Sir Kim, Knight of the Realm for Life to All Emperors, Kim Kirchner
Imperial First Lady to All Empresses for Life, Monique LeBrey


Reign XVI
Prince Royale XVI, Thom Frey
Princess Royale XVI, Cheryl Brouhard
Imperial Prince to the College of Monarchs for Life, Gregg Looker
Supreme Crown Prince for Life, John Menchaca
Princess Regal, Keeper of Love and Laughter for Life, Kelly Kayemart (Deceased)


Imperial Prince for Life from the College of Monarchs

Gregg Looker


Reign XVII

Prince Royale XVII, James Nash (Deceased)
Princess XVII, Stephanie Starr (Deceased)
Imperial First Gentlemen to all Empresses for Life, John Schlegel (Deceased)
Imperial Crown Princess of Legends, Joanna Rae


Prince Royale XVIII, Diane Deherrera
Princess Royale XVIII, Nicole Somers
Legendary Prince of Dreams for Life, Dwayne Ohls (Deceased)
Prince of the Fire and Ice Rose, Buddy Cressy (Deceased)


Reign XIX
Prince Royale XIX, Danette Cardenas
Princess Royale XIX, Patti Ann Cartier (Deceased)
Supreme Crown Princess to All Emperors and Empresses for Life, Sydney Andrews
Grand Dame Fairy Godmother to All Empresses for Life, Vida Bing (Deceased)



Reign XX
The Nubian White Tiger Prince, Prince Royale XX, Bill Wright
The Fire of the Rose Princess, Princess Royale XX, Rosa Marie Sugarbaker
Legendary Guardian of Love to All Emperors for Life, Mary Martinez


Reign XXI
The Pride of the Golden Eagle Prince, Prince Royale XXI, Mark Kasel
The Crystal Princess of Pride, Princess Royale XXI, Sydney Andrews
Imperial Crown Prince to all Emperors for Life, Albert Doriss
Imperial Protector of the Ruby Heart, Protector of all Empresses for Life, Mark Brewster


Reign XXII
The Ebony Crystal Stallion Prince, Prince Royale XXII, Robert Flores
The Emerald Jaguar Princess, Princess Royale XXII, Krystyn Phillips
Legendary Prince of Wisdom to all Emperors for Life, J.J. Cochran

Permanent Title from Empress XXII

Karsten Riggs


The Black Knight Prince, Prince Royale XXIII, Tom J.
The Lavender Lynx Princess of Love & Liberty, Princess Royale XXIII, Coco Chanel
Imperial Prince of Hearts for Life, Richard Siemers
Supreme Crown Prince to all Emperors and Empresses for Life, Tony Yost


Reign XXIV
The Golden Giraffe Prince, Prince Royale XXIV, Brad Busby
The Sapphire Water Princess, Princess Royale XXIV, Chyna Blue
Friend to All Emperors for Life, Donnie Parker
Imperial Grand Diva to all Empresses for Life, Margo Manning


Reign XXV
The Leather, Lace and Rhinestone Chameleon Prince, Prince Royale XXV 

Kent Epperson (Deceased)

Missing Princess Royale XXV Title, Crystal Fairchild

Missing Permanent Title for Emperor XXV
Imperial Sister to the Silver Leopard Empress for Life, Coco Marie Sugarbaker


Reign XXVI
The Emerald Eyed Snow Owl Prince of Wisdom, Prince Royale XXVI, Chuck Mecham
The Ruby Lipped Princess of Truth, Princess Royale XXVI, Jackie Summers
Imperial Crown Princess and Protector of the Lion's Lair for Life, Mikayla Royale
Keeper of the Purple Moon Goddess' Friendship for Life, Jessica Scott


The Silver Stingray Prince of Vision, Diversity & Respect, Prince Royale XXVII 

Blake Kleeberger (Deceased)

The Emerald Cobra Princess, Princess Royale XXVII Jazmine James
Daddy's Princess to all Emperors for Life, Susie Graves

Imperial Light to All Empresses for Life, Backseat Betty


The Imperial Jeweled Falcon Prince of Strength, Prince Royale XXVIII, John Herndon
The Crystal Emerald Rose princess, Princess Royale XXVIII, Greta B Quick
Petite Country Diva to All Emperors for Life, Barbie Blake
Imperial Goddess of Gowns to All Empresses for Life, Donna T


Reign XXIX
The Fireworks Phoenix Prince of Commitment, Prince Royale XXIX, Paul Stackpole
The Exotic White Tiger Princess of Enchantment, Princess Royale XXIX, Kiki Monroe
Supreme Grand Dame to All Emperor's for Life, Anita Santisteven
Sir Craig Mercer, Knight of Wisdom to all Empress's for Life, Craig Mercer


Reign XXX
The Emerald Moon Prince of New Beginnings, The Triple XXX Prince 

Prince Royale XXX, Johnny Romero
The Flaming Diamond Princess of Southern Elegance and Hospitality 

Princess Royale XXX, Scarlet Fever
The Sayer of all Certainties, The Supreme Sassy Slut to all Emperor's for Life, Holly Would!
The Protector of the Red Diamond, The Southern Gentlemen to all Empresses for Life

Gary Burchfield (Deceased)


Reign XXXI
The Crystal Clear Protector Dolphin Prince of Strength and Determination 

Prince Royale XXXI, Michael Vrooman
The Serene Iridescent Diamond Princess of Tranquility 

Princess Royale XXXI, Martini Monroe
The Sapphire Grizzly Protector to All Monarchs For Life, Maggie
The Ghetto Fabulous Ebony Goddess to All Monarchs For Life, Heada Lettuce


The Black Diamond Sable Prince of Passionate Commitment 

Prince Royale XXXII, Jeffe Hoppe
The Majestic Magenta Rising Phoenix Princess of Strength, Beauty, and Grace 

Princess Royale XXXII, Barbie Blake
One of the Boys - Keeper of the Realm to All Emperors for Life, Sarah Hoogendyk
The Grand Duchess of Comedy to All Empresses for Life - Mercedes Blake


The Fiery Opal Moon Prince of leather, Laughter and Loyalty 

Prince Royale XXXIII, Bryan Chase Whitmore
The Shocking Pink Pansy Princess of Glitter and Generosity 

Princess Royale XXXIII, Molotovia Cocktail
The Eternal Celtic Prince of Passion and Dedication to All Monarchs for Life, Burk Valdez
The Eternal Cobalt Princess of Power, Loyaltly and Honor to All Monarchs for Life 

Miss Eryn



The Amethyst Eyed White Pegasus Prince of Pride, Energy and Devotion 

Prince Royale XXXIV Jon "Crunchy" Crenshaw
The Emerald Winged Swan Princess of Grace, Triumph and Laughter 

Princess Royale XXXIV, Sophia DeVille
Imperial Gentleman, Keeper of the Teddy Bear's Heart, John Locke
The Absolute Essence of the Freshwater Rose, 1st Lady to all Empresses for Life 

Kandi Montana 


Reign XXXV
The Authentic Neon Blue Celtic Prince of True Passion and Dedication 

Prince Royale XXXV Burk Valdez
The Radiant Ruby Scorpion Princess of Spirit and Resilience 

Princess Royale XXXV Mercedes Chanel
The Imperial Princess of Authentic Hope to All Monarchs for Life, Alexandra Winters
The Imperial Czarina to All Monarchs for Life, Karen Phillips


The Opalescent Butterfly Prince of Harmony and Frivolity, Prince Royale XXXVI Dan Yates
The Pink Rose Martini Princess of Diversity and Unity 

Princess Royale XXXVI Sue Anne Michaels
Prince Consort to All Emperors for Life, Jim Berry
The Iridescent Ruby of the Celestial Swan & Precious Gem to All Empresses for Life Kristen Ruby


The Everlasting Deviant Prince Of Eternal Darkness & Inspiration 

Prince Royale XXXVII Alex Alba
The Calming Amethyst Winged Fairy Princess Of Enchantment and New Beginnings, Princess Royale XXXVII Brandi Alexander
The Absolut Keeper of All That Glitters, Imperial Slut to All Monarchs For Life, Zoey Diddim
The Angelic Storm Sister to the Gods to all Empress For Life!, Vi Puzon


The Opalescent Angel-Winged Monkey Prince of Laughter, Lunacy and Loyalty 

Prince Royale XXXVIII Justin Price
The White Rose Regal Princess Of Laughter, Friendship and Latin Pride 

Princess Royale XXXVIII Madison Monroe-Sexton
Mama To All Emperors For Life, Becky Linger
The Ruby Heart Princess Of Life, Love, Laughter And Dedication To All Empresses For Life, Lushus La'Rell


The Mile High White Dragon Gypsy Prince Of P.R.I.D.E, Prince Royale XXIX Caeri Mancini
The Mystical Lioness Princess Of Loyalty And Education 

Princess Royale XXIX Melissa Roberts
The Pink Fire Opal Czar to All Emperors for life Cory Wells
El Rey Of Generosity To Empress 39 For  Life, Mike Edwards

The Glitter Goddesses of Global Goodwill to All Monarchs for Life, Denver Cycle Sluts



Reign XL
The Amethyst Eyed Black Panther of Trinity, Twilight & the Pegasus Constellation

Prince Royale 40 Richard Brendlinger
The Ruby Red Lioness of Life, Love & Laughter. Defender of the Heart

Princess Royale 40 Gabbriella But'zin
The Galactic Keeper of the Amethyst Cosmos, Baron to All Emperors for Life

Rodd With-Two D's
The Guardian of the Heart to All Empresses for Life Norrie Reynolds


Reign XLI

The Devoted Purple Eyed Dolphin, Prince of Integrity, Spirit and Wisdom Prince Royale 41 Jim Babb
The Emerald Obsidian Butterfly of Glamour and Gore, Princess Royale 41 Anabella LaFontaine

Imperial Brother and Guardian to Emperor XLI for Life. The Gypsy Blue Stallion of C.H.E.E.R Dale A. Epps


Reign XLII

The Maker of Bridges, Keeper of Temperament, The Rainbow Hued Lightning Serpent of Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Love and Hope, Prince Royale 42 Charles Rosanski

The Purple Golden Eyed Dragon, Creator of Strength, Keeper of Grace, The Amazon Princess,

Princess Roayle 42 LaShay DiMarco

The Regally Exquisite Rhinestone Wrapped Boy in Heels and Manscara, The Imperial Crowned Knight to their Majesties, Order of the Griffin R.C. Michaels

The Black Dahlia of Entertainment and Truth to all Empresses for Life. Lady Cat De'Ore



The Arctic Wolf Prince of Loyalty, Determination and Friendship

Prince Royale 43 Bryan Monroe

The Royal Blue Sapphire Princess of Camelot

Princess Royale 43 Jackie O. Nasis

The Baronial Golden Dance Prince of Seduction and Passion, the Imperial Crowned Angel to all Emperors for Life

Geoffrey LeCher

The Elegant White Tiger Kitten, Guardian of Love, Laughter and Compassion to all Empresses for Life

Cierra Mota LeCher


Reign XLIV



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