College of Monarchs

Reign I

Emperor I Terry Peters
Empress I Bridgette Peters

Reign II

Emperor II Richard "Bucky" Reed
Empress II Scotti Carlyle

Reign III

Emperor III Chuck Anderson
Empress III Billie Cassandra

Reign IV

Emperor IV Shel Anderson
Empress IV Causha Lee Victoria

Reign V

Emperor V Bill Olson
Empress V Mikel Wright

Reign VI

Emperor VI Mark Bovay
Empress VI Christi Lyne Elizabeth

Reign VII

Empreor VII Gary Edwards
Empress VII Stephanie McCall

Reign VIII

Emperor VIII Jim  Ash
Empress VIII Annie Brenhman-West

Reign IX

Emperor IX Timm Steinkruger
Empress IX Vanden Andress

Reign X

Emperor X Roger Dent
Empress X Brandy Dennison

Reign XI

Emperor XI Rick Linnane
Empress XI Jaye Sutherland

Reign XII

Emperor XII DAvid "Boom Boom" Laurette
Empress XII Jaime Cole.

Reign XIII

Emperor XIII Chuck Bates
Empress XIII Chenelle Austin

Reign XIV

Emperor XIV Hank Naccarato
Empress XIV Robin Turner

Reign XV

Emperor XV VInce Kline
Empress XV Belle Fontaine

Reign XVI

Emperor XVI Ken Barker
Empress XVI Bublz Larue

Reign XVII

Emperor XVII Michael West
Empress XVII Brittany Michaels


XVIII Gregg Looker
XVIII Kinsey Rapport

Reign XIX

Emperor XIX John Menchaca
Empress XIX Brandi Roberts

Reign XX

Emperor XX Diane DeHerrera
Empress XX Stephanie Starr

Reign XXI

Emperor XXI Michael Graczyk
Empress XXI Nicole Sommers

Reign XXII

Emperor XXII Thom Frey 
Empress XXII Alyssa Del Rey



Emperor XXIII Reggie Grove
Empress XXIII Sydney Andrews

Reign XXIV

Emperor XXIV Jeff Clark
Empress XXIV Nina Montaldo

Reign XXV

Emperor XXV Tom J
Empress XXV Kir Royale

Reign XXVI

Emperor XXVI John Lazo
Empress XXVI Jazzanne Capri


Emperor XXVII Kent Epperson
Empress XXVII Twyla Westheimer


Emperor XXVIII Brad Busby
Emperess XXVIII Veronica St. Andrews

Reign XXIX

Emperpr XXIX Robert Flores
Empress XXIX Jazmine James

Reign XXX

Emperor XXX Chuck Mecham 
Empress XXX Greta B. Quick

Reign XXXI

Emperor XXXI Paul Stackpole
Empress XXXI KiKi Monroe


Emperor XXXII Lamar Cooper 
Empress XXXII Scarlet Fever


Emperor XXXIII Michael Vrooman
Empress XXXIII Charis Loren


Emperor XXXIV Pauline Chavez
Empress XXXIV Janelle St. Christopher

Reign XXXV

Emperor XXXV Johnny Romero
Empress XXXV Jackie Summers


Emperor XXXVI Allen Hasket 
Empress XXXVI Sophia DeVille


Emperor XXXVII Fred Valdez
Empress XXXVII Mercedes Chanel



Emperor XXXVIII Dan Yates
Empress XXXVIII Stephanie Paul


Emperor XXXIX Ken Bazan
Empress XXXIX Martini Monroe

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ICRME was established in 1973 and we are the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organization in the state of Colorado.   Anyone can become a member and we welcome everyone from all walks of life.  Here, with ICRME, you can be a King, a Queen and maybe eventually even an Emperor or Empress!  JOIN US TODAY and become a member!


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