College of Monarchs

Reign XL

Emperor XL Chase Whitmore 
Empress XL Lushus La'Rell

Reign XLI

Emperor XLI Caeri Mancini
Empress XLI Melissa Nawrocki Roberts


Emperor XLII Richard Brendlinger

Empress XLII Gabbriella But'zin



Emperor XLIII Manny Sexton

Empress XLIII Norrie Reynolds



Reign XLIV

Emperor XLIV Jon "Crunchy" Crenshaw

Empress XLIV Rosa Marie Sugarbaker




Reign XLV

Emperor XLV Terry Blood

Empress XLV Lala Shearz


Reign XLVI

Emperor XLVI Karl Wesley



About Us

ICRME was established in 1973 and we are the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organization in the state of Colorado.   Anyone can become a member and we welcome everyone from all walks of life.   JOIN US TODAY and become a member!


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