Board Member

Every year the community gets together and elects the board members. These are the selfless people that dedicate their time and intelligence to help keep this orginization going. 



Allen Haskett

Emperor 36



If you have any question please email

Terry Blood

Vice President /  Governance / Parliamentarian



Stephanie Paul

Empress 38

Chief Financial Officer 



Richard Brendlinger

Emperor 42



Jon "Crunchy" Crenshaw

Emperor 44


Rosa Marie Sugarbaker

Empres 44



Prince Royale 44

Drew Juarez

Corporate Secretary

Princess Royale 44

Star Kirkland

R.C. Michaels

College of Cardinals Seat

Corporate Development Chair



Dan Yates

Emperor 38

Disciplinary Committee Chair



Lala Shearz

Membership Chair



John Menchaca

Emperor 19



LaShay DiMarco

Princess Royale 42



Lady Cat De'Ore

College of Cardinal



Jazmine James

Empress 29


Vince Kline

Emperor 15

College of Monarch Seat


About Us

Established in 1973, we are the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations in the state of Colorado. Many of the major cities in the Western United States and Canada have a Court System in their community.

We are a chapter in The  International Court System.


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